2020 FAST Speakers

Victor Thach

  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist working at the Australian Athletic Centre
  • Adelaide City Football Club Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Norwood Football Club Strength and Conditioning Coach 
  • Technology Consultant at Pernix

Victor’s presentation on "Fatigue and Performance" will aim to highlight many of the contributing factors that can cause fatigue and how this has an effect on the performance of a player. He will introduce techniques he has implemented in his professional career to help track and monitor the well being of her players and give you tips on how to best look after your fatigued athletes and get them back to performing their best.


Emma Mattey

  • Psychologist
  • SA Committee Member for the Australian Psychology Society's College of Sport and Exercise Psychologists
  • Previously Psychologist at South Australian Sports Institute (SASI). 
  • Worked with athletes and coaches from across a variety of sports including soccer, tennis, indoor and beach volleyball, hockey, water polo, swimming, diving, athletics and gymnastics.

Emma’s presentation for the FAST Conference, "Mental Health and Long Term Injuries: Tips and Techniques" will be focusing on the signs sports trainers should look out for that may show an athlete is struggling to cope after suffering a long-term injury. She will teach tips and techniques that will help you support an athlete through their difficult time and also knowing when to refer on.

Chris Hampel

  • APA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist at Wakefield Sport & Exercise Medicine Clinic
  • Acute Injury Consultant Physiotherapist, Netball SA, AMND Competition
  • Physiotherapist, Adelaide Crows (2005 - 2010)
  • Physiotherapist, Australian Women's Soccer Team (Matildas) (2011 - 2014)

Chris will be presenting the "ACL Prevention" workshop. He will be teaching you all tips and tricks on ways you can incorporate ACL prevention into your club for both preseason and during season trainings and how to engage your coaching staff and players.

Patrick Custance

  • APA Sports Physiotherapist Sportsmed – Stepney Healthcare Hub
  • Physiotherapist, Australian Track Cycling Team (2014)
  • Physiotherapist, Port Adelaide Football Club (1997 - 2012)
  • Physiotherapist, Adelaide Lightning Basketball Club (WNBL) (2006 - 2009)

Patrick’s presentation, "Ankles: Prevention and Rehab", will focus on the common ankle injuries athletes experience regularly and how a sports trainer can help in the injury prevention process and also rehabilitation of an ankle injury. Patrick will provide tips from his experiences working across a range of sports.

 Aaron Beck

  • Physiotherapist, Netball Samoa, including attend the 2019 Netball World Cup in Liverpool, England
  • Physiotherapist, Men's and Women's Basketball Competitions, 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games
  • Physiotherapist, Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance Incorporated

During the 2020 FAST Conference, Aaron will be presenting on "Kinesiology Tape: Why or Why Not". He will look at the pro's and cons of this type of tape and when players could or should use this tape.

 Dr Geoff Verrall

  • Sports and Exercise Physician, Sports and Arthritis Clinic (SPARC)
  • Medical Director, South Australian Sports Institute (SASI)
  • Chief Medical Officer, South Australian Cricket Association (SACA)
  • Australian Cricket Team Doctor
  • Athletics Australia Doctor for South Australia

Dr Verrall will be presenting on "What would a sports trainer do: Head and Spine Injuries". This workshop will run through 2 Case Studies looking at the role of the sports trainer and first aiders in sports related head and spine injuries from when the injury first happens to when the Ambulance arrives.