Henry Kneebone Prize Winners

Henry Kneebone

Year Prize Winner Keynote Presentation Topic
2007 Dr David Martin Doping in Sport: Thoughts from the Frontline”
2008 Assoc. Professor Kieran Fallon  
2009 Ms Kathryn Chigwidden “Working as a Team”
2011 Associate Professor Dr Jill Cook “The current evidence and theory of compressive load as the cause of insertional tendinopathy”
 2011 Dr David Spurrier “The current evidence for the management of tendinopathy”
2013 Dr Andrew Jowett Preparing a Team for the World Cup
2014 Dr Michael Makdissi Management of Difficult Concussion”
2015 Mr Roger Rasheed “Physical and mental aspects of individual athletes”
2016  Professor Peter Fricker OAM “The Active Adolescent: Building for the Future”
2017 Professor Mark Hutchinson  “The toll of knowing you are sick: Implications for pain and how to treat it”