Code of Ethics

SA Sports Medicine Association (SASMA) is a peak multi-disciplinary organisation of Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine Professionals committed to enhancing the health and performance of the community through safe participation in sport, physical activity and recreation activities. 

Through services to our membership and the community, SASMA will function as the peak authority on:

·   Medicine and science in physical activity and sport.

·   Medical and health care of active persons at all levels.

·   Well-being through safe physical activity and recreation activities.

·   Prevention of health issues associated with sedentary behaviour.


All Members of SASMA will:

·   Uphold the mission of SASMA.

·   Respect human life and well-being.

·   Uphold the ethics, values and ideals of their respective disciplines.

·   Strive to improve the standards and quality of Sports Medicine services in the community.

·   Promote and recognise the achievements and goals of all other affiliated SASMA disciplines.

·   Provide an objective and confidential service to the best of his/her ability – with the athlete/sports person's best interests in mind.

·   Show prudence and balanced judgements when dealing with any situation that may confront them, whilst upholding the mission of SASMA.

·   Never deny attention to any athlete/sports person on the basis of their culture, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, sex, sexual orientation or the nature of their injury or condition.

·   Inform and advise the athlete/sports person about the nature of their injury or condition and its possible consequences, the probable cause and available treatments or programs, including the likely benefits and risks of each.

·   Ensure that the athlete/sports person obtains the care they need if the expertise required by them is beyond the limitations of the practitioner. On referral of the athlete/sports person, it is also the responsibility of the practitioner to provide all relevant information on the athlete/sports person and their injury subject.

·   Continue further education and remain up to date with current procedures and techniques, to ensure the best possible service is provided to athletes/sports persons.

·   Make available, any knowledge acquired through further study or other avenues, for the benefit of all members.

·   Ensure all advertising abides by the guidelines set by the member's respective discipline.

·   Not use the SASMA name, initials or logo to signify membership of SASMA, unless approved by SASMA under the ‘SASMA Branding Policy for Members’.

Click here to download a copy of the Members Code of Ethics.