ERC Courses
Walkerville Football Club

"a thorough and informative session which created good discussion amongst the various representatives from each team across all of our junior grades'
 'The ERC course gave a fun hands-on opportunity to practice use of equipment such as stretchers to become familiar and confident to use when needed."

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Sideline Help Courses

Broadview Football Club

"Broadview Football Club hosted a SA Sports Medicine Association Sideline Help course on the 3rd May 2016. All attendees found the content very relevant and well delivered in a friendly and informative manner. We would definitely consider booking this course again next year and exploring the options of booking other courses offered by SA Sports Medicine Association."

Modbury Vista Soccer Club

'"On behalf of the Modbury Vista Soccer Club I'd like to thank the brilliant staff at South Australian Sports Medicine Association (SASMA) for making the whole process of booking, delivering and following up their Sideline Help first aid course so easy, enjoyable and informative. Jaye had our group of coaches, parents and team managers engaged throughout and shared valuable information and knowledge ensuring that everyone left with a greater understanding and confidence to deal with injuries (and prevent them when possible!). I highly recommend sports clubs look into the numerous courses that SASMA offer and book one!"

Sports Trainers Education

SANFL Medical Officers Statement

"We, the South Australian Medical Officers write to you to endorse SA Sports Medicine Association as the main provider of training to level 1 Sports Trainers in South Australia. ............... Many of the SANFL doctors are lecturers for the level 1 sports trainers courses. They provide trainers with appropriate competency levels in sports medicine. This in turn gives the trainer the confidence to handle the variety of situations arising on/ off the field on game day. This is not achievable to those trained through non-medically run courses.As doctors we want to be confident in the knowledge that our trainers are competently trained and can support us in our daily work at SANFL clubs.

Accordingly we fully endorse the SA Sports Medicine Association Level 1 Sports Trainers course as the minimum standard for SANFL club Sports trainers in South Australia.
We would hope that all sporting organizations requiring trainers would continue to support training excellence and competency with continued support of SASMA ."