Sports Trainers

What is a Sports Trainer

A SASMA Sports Trainer is a member of a sport /athletes support staff who helps improve athletic performance and makes sport safer. Injury prevention, injury management and crisis management are the major roles of a Sports Trainer.

SASMA's Community Education Program has been developed with the view of providing a safe environment for all who engage in sport and physical activity. SASMA strives to achieve this through the SASMA Level 1 and Level 2 Sports Trainer courses, which have an emphasis on gaining practical skills in injury prevention, injury management and crisis management techniques that can be used in the sporting environment.

SASMA Sports Trainers play an important role in the Australian sporting community in preventing and treating sports injuries. SASMA Sports Trainers can work in both a voluntary and/ or paid capacity. They can work at an amateur, semi-professional and professional sports level. SASMA Sports Trainers work in a variety of sports and in various sporting environments.

Level 1 Sports Trainer
If you would like to become an accredited SASMA Level 1 Sports Trainer you will need to complete the Level 1 Sports Trainers course.
Information on the Level 1 Sports Trainers course can be found here 
Level 2 Sports Trainer
The Level 2 Sports Trainer course is part of the SASMA Community Education Program and is designed to build upon the skills learnt in the Level 1 Sports Trainers course.

Coupled with industry experience, the course consists of core and elective modules designed to increase the sports trainer's knowledge of how general principles of sports medicine relate to sport. It will also introduce the Sports Trainer to new topics such as psychology of injury and the sports trainer's role in rehabilitation of injury.

Information on the Level 2 Sports Trainers course can be found here 

Sports Trainer Reaccreditations
SASMA Sports Trainer accreditation is valid for three years. To find out more about reaccreditation and the procedures that are required please click here
Sports Trainer Insurance Protect yourself when treating others. This insurance policy is available to SASMA Accredited Sports Trainers who have maintained their current accreditation and who are working within Australia. 

For more information and to download the application form click here
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