Education Sessions

SASMA offers a number of education sessions for members throughout the year, including our Annual Members Conference and our Master Class Series.

These sessions are offered free or at a discounted rate for SASMA Members (Professional, Associate and Student Members). Non-members can attend the sessions for a fee.

The 2019 SASMA Education Series is proudly supported by:

Pre-Reading Articles
Presenters for the 2020 SASMA Education Series provide pre-readings for each of the sessions. The pre-readings form a component of the Pre-Disposing Activity for GP's applying for RACGP Points. To access the 2020 Pre-Reading Articles Click here

In 2020 three SASMA Members Education Sessions and the 2020 SASMA Conference will be available live via a webinar for those who are unable to attend on the day. The webinar participants will be able to ask questions in real time to each of the presenters and panellists. To take up this option be sure to select the 'Webinar' option when registering.

Student Education Sessions
In addition to the SASMA Members Education Program, SASMA continues to run an education program targeted at university students and recent graduates. To see what workshops are on offer this year click here.
Other Professional Development Opportunities
Are you looking for other professional development opportunities in the sports medicine and musculoskeletal domains? Then checkout the Professional Development Opportunities page on our website.

Upcoming Sessions

Student Education 2: How to assess the Sporting Knee

Tuesday 2 June 19:00 to Tuesday 2 June 21:00
Online via Webcast

In 2020 SA Sports Medicine Association will once again be conducting an Education Series aimed at University Students and recent Graduates; in particularly those from Health and Medical Science degrees who are either currently working with sporting teams or have an interest in working with athletes and teams in the future.

Our knees play a key role in allowing us to move and exercise, and if injured can severely impact our ability to play sport. Knee injuries in sport and activity are very common and can range from minor to major injuries requiring surgery. This workshop will cover the basics of how to assess an athlete presenting with a knee injury. From the initial on field assessment to the initial consult in the clinic, practical tips and hints will be covered.


Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm Speakers + Panel Discussion

Presenters: Rachel McAlister Physiotherapist
Venue: This session will be presented via a live webcast.

This session is only available via a live webcast.



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Obesity Management: What's next after diet and exercise?

Tuesday 9 June 19:00 to Tuesday 9 June 21:00
Live Webcast

With 67% of Australian adults either overweight or obese the number of patients presenting at clinics with weight management issues is on the rise. This evidence based session for health professionals will offer the latest practical ways to recognise when weight is a problem for their clients, and what to do about it, focussing on the issues beyond the basic psychology, diet and exercise regimens.

The evenings live webcast will look at:

  • The use of pharmaceuticals in treatment
  • Specific considerations including medical conditions
  • How management differs between groups
  • Pre and Post Op Considerations
  • Common operative options and outcomes

This session will be presented by Nick Wray, Clinical Dietitian, Dr Teresa Girolamo, GP specialising in Obesity Management, and Dr Zanna Murfitt, GP and Surgical Assistant in Bariatric Medicine. 


 Time:   7:00pm - 9:00pm    Speakers + Panel Discussion 
 Presenters:   Nick Wary   Dietitian
    Dr Teresa Girolamo    GP specialising in Obesity Management
     Dr Zanna Murfitt    GP & Surgical Assistant for Bariatric Medicine
 Venue:   This session will be presented via a live webcast.

This session is only available via a live webcast.

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2020 Sports Medicine in General Practice Course

Thursday 11 June 08:30 to Sunday 14 June 13:00
Venue details below

Musculoskeletal medicine is the third most common presentation in General Practice.  This course is targeted at improving GP’s examination, diagnostic and management skills in the area of musculoskeletal and sports medicine.

There will be opportunity to learn from nationally recognised experts across the Sports Medicine disciplines, and is an excellent opportunity to network with leading MSK Physicians and Surgeons in Adelaide.

It will provide GP’s with an excellent introduction to Sports Medicine focusing on muscular skeletal examination, diagnostic and management techniques for both common and complex sports injuries. The course is focused around the use of Case Studies.

Location :  

This year the Sports Medicine in General Practice course will be held purely online via Zoom. 

Thursday 11th June 2020 –  Sunday 14th June 2020

Course Times:

Thursday 11 June   8.30am - 5.00pm
Friday 12 June 8.45am - 5.00pm
Saturday 13 June 8.45am - 5.00pm
Sunday 14 June 8.45am - 1.00pm

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Loading Up the Hip

Tuesday 11 August 19:00 to Tuesday 11 August 21:00
Live Webcast

The evenings live webcast will look at

  • Understand the factors that drive pathology around the Hip and Groin:  Identifying the problem – pathology vs deficits vs overload.
  • Understanding the demands of certain athletes (recreational vs semi-professional)
  • Develop exercise prescription to improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs.

 Time:   7:00pm - 9:00pm    Speakers + Panel Discussion 
 Venue:   This session will be presented via a live webcast.


This session is only available via a live webcast.

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