Code of Ethics


It is the primary role of the Sports Trainer to make sport and recreation safer.  This is achieved by implementing appropriate injury prevention regimes. 


The Sports Trainer must clearly understand their defined roles and responsibilities and has a moral responsibility to work within the limits of their qualifications, and hence not assume roles outside of those predetermined ones.  In keeping within the limits of their qualifications the Sports Trainer must, if appropriate, refer to a physician, physical therapist, or other allied health professional for further advice, treatment and management.


As members of the SA Sports Medicine Association (SASMA), Sports Trainers have an ethical responsibility to their clients, society and other health professionals.  The following ethical foundations for Sports Trainers in the field of Sports First Aider/Trainer serve as a Code of Ethics for practicing professionals.  The Code implements many of these foundations in the form of rules of ethical conduct.  Noncompliance with the Code may affect an individual's initial or continuing status as a recognised certified Sports Trainer by SASMA, and this could lead to the possibility of having their certification/accreditation revoked.  

Click here to download a copy of the Sports Trainers Code of Ethics.