Sideline Help Course

The Sideline Help Course is aimed at community level sport to assist with the correct management of injuries. It is particularly targeted to sports where a qualified First Aider is the minimum requirement at training's and games. This course takes a First Aid course and practically applies it to sport.

The course runs for approximately 1.5 hours and includes the following topics:

  •   Injury Prevention

  •   On Field Assessments of Injuries

  •   Injury Management

  •   Managing Medical Conditions

  •  Concussion

  •  Wound Management

We are flexible with the topics presented and can tailor a course to suit your club/association. This course can also be delivered at your club/association.

Sideline Help Course Cost:

For up to 20 participants - $440.00 (minimal cost) / additional participants @ $20.00 per person.


This course can be combined with a Basic Taping Course (Basic Taping is usually $550.00 as a standalone course) to increase the participants skill set. 

A packaged Sideline Help & Basic Taping course runs for approximately 3 hours

Combined Course Costs:

For up to 20 participants - $660.00 (minimal cost) / additional participants @ $25.00 per person.

For further information please contact the SASMA Office on 08 8234 6369 or directly.

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*all prices are inclusive of GST.