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2018 Sports Trainer Education Session

2018 Sports Trainer Education Session

This year SASMA has continued to provide education opportunities for all Sports Trainers.  We have ran 3 sessions in 2018, the first being in April on Ankle Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation.  Presented by podiatrist Airlie Waller from Willunga Podiatry who has over 14 years’ experience. This session touched on game day assessment techniques for ankle and foot injuries as well as rehabilitation exercises.  This session attracted over 50 participants both in-person and via a webcast.

In June we presented the Hamstring Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation workshop.  This session was watched by over 60 Sports Trainers.  Presented by Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Joe McCallum based at Sportmed SA this session covered the very in vogue topic of hamstring injuries.  This gave Sports Trainers some very practical advice on side-line assessment and how they can assist in the rehabilitation process.

The final of the education sessions was held in August and covered Shoulder Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation.  It was presented by Sandeep Thakur from Sportsmed SA who also works with the Darren Lehman Cricket Academy and West Adelaide Football Club.  This session covered different shoulder injuries common in sport as well as showing practical taping techniques to help the athlete return to play with minimal pain.

SA Sports Medicine Association is committed to continue providing education opportunities for Sports Trainers.  We welcome any feedback on topics the Sports Trainer community want to see in the future.     


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