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The Sports Trainers Education Record

Keeping up to date with education is a fundamental part of the re-accreditation process! 

But what is the 'Education Record' you may ask?

As a Sports Trainer of SASMA you are automatically a Member of SASMA. Each Sports Trainer Member of SASMA has access to their own portal. The portal is where you can find the Sports Trainer Education Form. 

This form is an easy way to help you keep track of all the education sessions you attend relating to your work as a Sports Trainer.

Education Sessions can include the FAST Conference, SASMA Workshops, the Sports Trainer Education Series along with the other Workshops aimed at Sports Trainers that are conducted by SASMA Members and Partner Organisations. 

These sessions can be used towards your Sports Trainers Education Points and can be logged on the Sports Trainers Portal. To see more upcoming events that can go towards your education record click here.

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