Spinal Management & Concussion Forum

16/06/2019 10:30 to 16/06/2019 15:30
Mt Gambier Golf Club

Spinal Management 10:30am - 1:30pm

A free concussion forum will be held directly after, which we welcome you to attend. If you wish to attend the concussion forum as well, please ensure you select the correct registration option.

The Spinal Management Workshop is a 3 hour session aimed at working Sports Trainers, Physiotherapists and Podiatrists working with teams and others involved in the care of athletes. This workshop is presented by a current SAAS Intensive Care Paramedic and covers the following topics:

- The signs and symptoms of a casualty with suspected spinal injuries

- Learn how to move a casualty with suspected spinal injuries

- The principles of immobilisation for spinal injuries

- The use of spinal boards

- The management of head and spinal injuries

- The precautions necessary for the transportation of casualties with suspected spinal injuries.

Cost: $60.00 per person



Free Concussion Forum 2:00pm - 3:30pm

This FREE forum has been designed to provide everyone involved in ALL SPORTS (Club and Association Committe Members, Coaches, Parents, Teachers, Athletes, Sports Trainers and First Aiders) with up to date information about concussion.

The Concussion Forum will cover:

- What is Concussion and how is it caused?

- Can Concussion be prevented? Do helmets actually help to prevent concussion?

- Who has the final say at trainings and game day regarding a player

- When can a player return to School, Work, Training and Play


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