Obesity Management: What's next after diet and exercise?

09/06/2020 19:00 to 09/06/2020 21:00
Live Webcast

With 67% of Australian adults either overweight or obese the number of patients presenting at clinics with weight management issues is on the rise. This evidence based session for health professionals will offer the latest practical ways to recognise when weight is a problem for their clients, and what to do about it, focussing on the issues beyond the basic psychology, diet and exercise regimens.

The evenings live webcast will look at:

  • The use of pharmaceuticals in treatment
  • Specific considerations including medical conditions
  • How management differs between groups
  • Pre and Post Op Considerations
  • Common operative options and outcomes

This session will be presented by Nick Wray, Clinical Dietitian, Dr Teresa Girolamo, GP specialising in Obesity Management, and Dr Zanna Murfitt, GP and Surgical Assistant in Bariatric Medicine. 


 Time:   7:00pm - 9:00pm    Speakers + Panel Discussion 
 Presenters:   Nick Wary   Dietitian
    Dr Teresa Girolamo    GP specialising in Obesity Management
     Dr Zanna Murfitt    GP & Surgical Assistant for Bariatric Medicine
 Venue:   This session will be presented via a live webcast.

This session is only available via a live webcast.

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