Sports Trainers Education 3: Calf Assessment and Management

27/07/2020 19:00 to 27/07/2020 20:00
Online via Webcast

This workshop will look at how to assess and manage

  • The different grades of calf injuries
  • What to look for in a player with an injured calf and why they might have injured their calf
  • What specific tests you can do
  • How to manage each grade of calf injury


It is presented by podiatrist Joe Keain who currently works in a private practice. His interests include bio-mechanical assessments of the lower limb and assessing and managing sporting injuries in particular children's. Having worked at The Athlete's Foot for years he has an extensive knowledge of correct footwear for all sports.

Joe works closely with the Tea Tree Gully Little Athletics Club and many lawn bowls clubs around Adelaide. 

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