Exploring axial spondyloarthropathy

11/05/2021 19:00 to 11/05/2021 21:00
Online via Live Webcast


This Professional Masterclass Education sessions is aimed at those who are working or studying in the Medical and Allied Health Professions.

The evenings live webcast will look at:

  • Further understanding of the pathophysiology and definitions of axial spondyloarthopathy
  • Recognise the clinical presentation, epidemiology, course and prognosis of axial spondyloarthopathy and common differential diagnosis
  • Further understanding radiology and other clinical investigations involved in the early detection and diagnosis of axial spondyloarthopathy
  • Education on treatment and management of axial spondyloarthopathy 

 Time:   7:00pm - 9:00pm    Speakers + Panel Discussion 
 Presenters:   Dr Scott Graf   Rheumatologist, Wakefield Rheumatology
 Venue:   Presented via Live Webcast

If you are unable to join in on the evening by registering for the webinar, you will gain access to the recording of the session. Only those who register for the evening will get access to the recording. 

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